"4 tools in 1"


small scouttek

The Ball edge enables the practitioner to work on a specific area with a stationary or moving point applicator. By applying pressure and moving it along a muscle, it can work to release small muscles in the foot or hand.

The SCOUT is an INNOVATIVE TOOL for chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers and




The Blade edge can be used as a scraping mechanism on tissue. Changing the angle of the blade effects the aggressiveness of the treatment. Held flat against the tissue, the blade can push up edema in ankle sprains and other areas.

The Round edge acts as a broad contact for muscle release techniques. It can  perform friction massage over the achilles tendon which is difficult to do with the hands alone.

The Hook has a unique curve, similar to the curve of most bodyworkers’ thumbs after years of manual therapy. It is effective for friction massage over small and large tendons, like the hamstring. It’s curved edge allows easier control and handling.

Ball-3 (2) full Scout (2) Hook-1 (3) rounded edge-2 (3)


 massage therapists. The first of its kind to have FOUR UNIQUE EDGES and uses in one tool.